Labour law

We primarily provide our services to employers, supporting them with the comprehensive practical application of labour-law and related regulations in various operating conditions. In addition, we assume solutions of individual labour-law problems both from employers and from employees, regardless of whether it falls under litigation or non-litigation agenda.

A significant advantage of Advokátní kancelář Kříž a partneři s.r.o. is that their employees provide everyday legal assistance not only in standard conditions, usually arising from labour-law relations, but also in extraordinary situations faced by employees and employers only rarely and sporadically.

Within the framework of labour law and collective bargaining, we deal a.o. with:

  • contractual obligations (regardless of whether from individual or collective agreements)
  • termination of employment, also as part of massive layoffs, including representation of the clients in the disputes for the invalid termination of employment
  • remuneration in labour-law relations
  • provision of employees’ working conditions in accordance with legal regulations
  • equal treatment and a ban on discrimination
  • transfer of rights and obligations from labour-law relations