Public contracts

The competitiveness of independent entities is a key precondition for effective economic competition and economic growth. The practical and economical expenditure of public funds is closely connected to effective economic competition.

It is also due to these facts that the area of public contracts and economic competition is one of the important areas in which the law office Kříž a partneři s.r.o. offers legal services. We provide legal services in the widest range of fields of public contracts and economic competition, particularly focusing on:

  • A transparent and non-discriminatory method of public procurement
  • The effective use of public funds while simultaneously respecting the rules of economic competition
  • The comprehensive elaboration of legal documentation for award procedure
  • The issue of a competitor’s dominant position
  • The issue of banned cartel agreements
  • Joining competitors
  • Representations in administrative proceedings led by the Office for the Protection of Economic Competition
  • Judicial review of administrative decisions