We provide legal services both in connection with preparation of contractual documents and other legal acts, and in cases of assertion of claims arising from them, including the assertion before ordinary courts, arbitration courts and before the Constitutional Court. According to circumstances of the case, we represent our clients in dealing with competent state authorities and institutions, or with other entities that are of essential importance for the specific case.

There is a close cooperation also with auditing companies.

We provide our services at the top quality and, at the same time, at the price conditions corresponding to the conditions in the Czech Republic. Our clients are offered a possibility of a flat fee, an hourly rate, a rate per each specific act of legal service, or a contingency fee, or a combination of these remuneration types. All of this depending on the agreement with the client and on the specific case.

Other Legal Activities

We provide our clients with information about essential changes, especially in commercial-law regulations. Members of our law firm publish in Czech and foreign professional magazines and other periodicals and, with respect to their academic engagement, they also elaborate expert opinions on various areas of law. The team members also include authors of monographs on theoretical and practical topics of copyright law, labour law, personality protection law, media law and the GDPR.

Every year, lawyers of the law firm take part as lecturers or co-organizers in several specialized conferences and seminars both in the Czech Republic and abroad (so far especially in German- and English-speaking countries), which are focused on issues of the economic and legal reform in the Czech Republic and conditions for foreign entities making business in the Czech Republic.

Back Office

Professionals of the law firm have available sufficient administrative staff with equipment facilitating performance of all services necessary for proper practice of law at the top level. This also includes translation service in Deutsch, English.