The law office provides legal services such as the drafting of contractual documents and other deeds and instruments and deals with claims ensuing from or in connection with such instruments, including claims raised in ordinary courts, courts of arbitration and the Constitutional Court. Depending on the circumstances of a particular case, our law firm will represent the client vis-a-vis the relevant governmental authorities and institutions and other entities that are of material importance to a specific case.

The office also closely cooperates with auditing companies.

The law office Advokátní kancelář Kříž a partneři s.r.o. provides its services at the highest level possible and at the same time at prices corresponding to Czech conditions. We offer to our clients the following options: a flat fee, an hourly rate, a fee for a particular service or a contingency fee or combination of all these types. All of this according to what is agreed with the client and according to the specific case.

Other Legal Activities

Our office provides clients with information on major changes, particularly in commercial law. A lot of our attorneys regularly publish papers in Czech and foreign law journals and in other periodicals. In addition, they often provide expert opinions in a wide variety of legal disciplines by virtue of their academic positions. Our team also includes authors of monographs on the theory and practice of copyright law, labour law, protection of personality rights, advertising law and other fields of law.

Every year, our attorneys help to co-organise or deliver papers at a number of specialised conferences and seminars in the Czech Republic and abroad (so far mainly in English- and German-speaking countries). These events focus on economic and legislative reform in the Czech Republic and the conditions for foreign entities conducting business in the Czech and Slovak Republics.


Our attorneys have an ample administrative staff at their disposal and equipment to provide all the services needed for the proper operation of our legal practice at the highest level of quality. The office also operates a translation service in German and English. Our office can operatively arrange translations into French, Russian and other languages, including sworn translations, from our cooperating language specialists.

When providing legal services the use of the firm’s own extensive library and documentation resources, which is regularly updated with the latest domestic and foreign specialised literature, is a matter of course.