Insurance Law

This area of law provided by our law office includes in the first place services of legal representation of clients (judicial and extrajudicial) seeking their claims to insurance benefits from insurance companies, both in courts and through a financial arbitrator as the case may be.   Our law office provides clients of insurance companies with legal advice they need for settlement of their claims under insurance contracts and for dealing with insurance companies and the Czech Insurers´ Bureau when settling insured events, including their legal representation in judicial disputes about compensation for property damage, damage to health, pain and suffering, diminished social capability, lost earning capacity/profit, alimony and compensation for non-property damage against insurance companies, especially in case of so-called reduction of such insurance benefits from the part of insurance companies. The services we provide also include asserting and considering claims of individuals from insurance companies resulting from traffic accidents, injuries or other insured events, including representation at related misdemeanour procedures or criminal proceedings as the case may be.

In particular we offer then:

  • assertion of claims to insurance benefits from insurance companies
  • legal representation of clients against insurance companies (judicial and extrajudicial)